Our History

After WWII, Weldon Newberry and two of his brothers purchased a greenhouse on Garfield Street in Denver, Colorado. They soon closed the existing retail shop and devoted the business to the wholesale of the famed “Colorado Carnation, the first trademarked flower in the United States.”

In 1950, the Newberry brothers purchased an additional greenhouse in Littleton, Colorado which was given to the youngest Newberry brother. A few years later, Weldon and his wife, Elizabeth, purchased full ownership from the remaining brother.

With fuel prices skyrocketing, carnations were being shipped into the United States for cheaper than they could be grown in the greenhouse. At this point, the greenhouses were used to grow a large variety of flowers and plants and Elizabeth Newberry focused on developing the wedding party and floral side of the business.

Newberry Brothers Today

The daughter of Weldon and Elizabeth Newberry, Paula Newberry-Arnold, now co-owns the business with her son. She has developed the business into one of Denver’s top floral and decor shops specializing in a variety of large themed events and daily custom floral designs.

Along with her professional staff, the business has flourished to create some of the more creative and elaborate events that Denver has seen.